The crew at Parkland is very responsive in helping people with all the facets of buying a property. And the properties are a great value for the money. They've created a fun atmosphere of relaxation and enjoyment- a way of life that attracts people from all walks of life.

— Chip Engelhard, owner at Union Square condos

I like the idea of using old structures, of preservation and reuse instead of tearing down and building new buildings. Why not use current buildings to get people to move downtown?

— Carl Kelley, owner at Boardwalk condos

Living downtown is convenience, convenience, convenience. It makes travel easier, it’s close to the lakeshore, gives me a low-maintenance lifestyle, and there are always things to do downtown. Parkland has established a niche with their developments, totally different from the others.

— Steve Lankfer, owner at Boardwalk condos, Union Square
condos, Monroe Terrace condos, reserved at HighPoint Flats

In the mortgage business, I have many customers looking for good property investments. When I heard about Union Square, I thought the project was really unique compared to other developments. I bought 3 condos. I rent one- the first person I brought through took it immediately. I sold the second one the very next day, and I live in the third. All three have worked out great. Parkland is easy to communicate with and always kept us up to date with what was going on in the process. If I ever had a question or concern, they always got back with me in a very short time, which I really appreciate.

— Jon Potvin, owner at Union Square, reserved at HighPoint Flats

Parkland Properties brings a unique product at a price I haven’t seen anyone else touch. They’re very flexible, and I’ve never had a question go unanswered- that goes a long way. Influential companies like Parkland Properties make things happen. They keep getting better at finding and marketing these old buildings, taking advantage of different architectural details that you don’t see in buildings today, while offering lots of customization. Parkland comes up with unique solutions to layouts that create unique living experiences.

— Bo Fowler, owner at Union Square, reserved at HighPoint Flats

Parkland’s forte has always been helping the buyer make it the way they want it, more unique and personal than the apartment-type condo. We have the utmost confidence in what Parkland can do. They have experience, they know how to market, and most of all, they sell things people want to buy.

— John Niewenhuis, owner at Cityview, Union Square,
reserved at HighPoint Flats

I love where I live- every condo is unique. I like my neighbors, and the fact that I dont have to mow my lawn or do exterior work. If I need to leave for a week at a time, I don’t have to worry about anything.

— Dean DeGraaf, owner at Union Square, reserved at HighPoint Flats